Jobsite Cleanup Pledge

Window Fitters is 100% committed to keeping your job site clean. We pledge to our customers that we will perform the following tasks:

On a daily basis:

The entire job site, including the driveway and yard, will be cleared of all trash, debris and materials used on the job.

Small hand tools will be removed from the job site daily.

Any larger tools left at the job site will be unplugged and stored in a safe area agreed upon by the customer.

Any materials left on the job site will be neatly organized and stored in a safe area agreed upon by the customer.

Any hazardous materials will be either removed completely or tightly secured in an agreed upon area designated by the customer.

Scrap materials (including metal, glass, wood, etc.) will be disposed of per the customers agreed upon method of disposal.

Work area should have adequate ventilation in the case of painting or other materials that could cause fumes and/or odors.

Any exposed work areas will be covered with tarps and secured tightly.

Work area will be swept & vacuumed with a shop vac, as needed. Appropriate measures will be taken to keep dust (drywall, sawdust, etc) to a minimum.

Upon completion of the job:

The entire work area, including the driveway and yard, will be cleaned of trash, debris, and materials.

Your property, including the yard and landscaping, will be restored to the pre-job condition.

We will inspect the job site for any incidental damage and repairs as needed.

All of your unused materials will be left with you.

Clean up is not complete until you inspect the work and sign the certificate of completion form.